What Do People Say About Parameshwari (Deanna)

"I have been seeing Parameshwari privately for 3 yrs for yoga therapy as part of a complex return to wellness from stroke program. She has coordinated closely with my physician and Swami Omkarananda to develop a program that suits my particular needs. She is loving but firm. She is caring, intuitive, highly knowledgeable and creative in her kraft, and she is fun. We laugh together, and we cry. We have good days, and we have bad days. What I have learned is to accept myself as I am on each of those days. She has been instrumental in helping me to do that. She has helped me to recover from significant back, sacral, shoulder, and ankle injuries. And more importantly, through Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) she has helped me to tap into some deep seeded issues and to let them go. Parameshwari is a remarkable therapist and human being. She has been a true gift in my life." ~ Posie Carpenter

When I started yoga for the first time, I was fortunately in a gentle class with Parameshwari. My entire experience since the early part of the year (2015) has been a remarkable appreciation for an instructor that leads you into a world of self-healing. Sciatica and Vertigo didn’t have a chance in dominating my body. Every class was strengthened by care, assurance, and knowledge. Parameshwari is an incredible instructor who guides you through with patience, support and encouragement. I so look forward to my yoga classes for this connection. And this is great!  Julie Cantor

Before beginning with Parameshwari, I had been doing yoga for about 40 years, however most of that time I was practicing at home, independently. I guess I developed some bad habits, as evidenced by lower back and neck pains. Upon learning that Parameshwari has a background as a yoga therapist, I decided to have a series of private lessons with her. Parameshwari was attentive and she quickly corrected what I was doing wrong. Now I attend her weekly open session and I resume my independent practice at home. Thanks to the guidance and care that my teacher, Parameshwari gives me, I am pain-free, strong, and flexible…. and I am appreciative. Thank you, Parameshwari.   Jim Cantor

"To my great surprise and joy, the routine Deanna developed for me has brought my shoulder problem under control. It has improved the mobility and significantly reduced the pain. Every week I continue to see improvement as I continue the course of therapy she developed for me."Carol Guze, PhD

"I no longer have shooting or stabbing pains, constant aching or numbness. I am able to move more freely as my flexibility has also greatly improved and even my blood pressure is much lower!" Sandi Kaites-Wheeler

"My name is Gwen; I went to private yoga classes with Parameshwari for about 3 months. I then returned to my home in Iowa so had to discontinue the classes. I found Deanna to be very patient in instructing, very knowledgeable and committed to the practice of Yoga. I am still benefiting from the techniques and yoga instructions that I learned from her. Thank you!" Gwen W.

"I love Parameshwari! I take her yoga class almost exclusively because she always knows what to do to help all my aching parts - lower back, neck and shoulders, elbows. I have learned a ton from her about proper alignment in the poses, and as a result I am much less likely to get injured now. But, just in case I ever do have a problem, I'm glad I know exactly who to go see!" Annette P

"I love to go to Parameshwari's class! In those 90 minutes, she makes us laugh, challenge our body and mind, learn to appreciate our effort, and see significant improvement each time…..it's so peaceful, joyful, helpful. After a busy day of work, come to her, let her gently calm you down, help you to wash away your thoughts, bring the inner peace, design some special posture to suit your particular health issue, you know each minute is worth it! I wish I would have started my practice with her 10 years earlier!" Yuling Bai

"Amazing benefits from my first experience with Yoga Therapy! I have a chronic condition in my hip joint from an old injury that prevents me from doing certain leg movements without discomfort and “popping”. The first time I did the prescribed exercises, I experienced a breakthrough in sensing that my legs could work separately from my pelvis. Apparently, I was holding so much tension in that area. It really changed everything around and has helped to strengthen and relax the area. It also helped me develop a greater awareness of releasing the tension in my hip during other activities and I feel the benefit even in day-to-day walking. Parameshwari is a warm, inspiring, and supportive presence. She has an intuitive ability to focus on individual assessment and give specific instruction for the exercises. She clearly loves what she does and loves to help people! I highly recommend Yoga Therapy with Parameshwari and I look forward to working with her more!" Patricia M

"We are fortunate to have Parameshwari teaching at LiveYoga Wellness. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience not only from the Sivananda tradition but also from her yoga therapy background."  Teri Roseman, Founder, ExecutiveDirector, LiveYoga Wellness