How It Works

Private Instruction 

Each session may include postures (Asanas), relaxation, breath work (Pranayama), body work and meditation. The focus is on you -- finding relief and a renewed sense of confidence and peace in your body, mind, and spirit. Maximum progress is typically seen with 2-3 sessions a week for 4-6 weeks depending on the individual. The minimum recommended is one time per week. This allows us both to discover and hone the tools that will provide you the most benefit.

Private sessions in your home (10% service fee), online or at my home studio. 

Contact me directly Text or Call 310-749-8055 or email

Pay by cash or check in-person (fee listed does not include tax)
Offering Fee
(before tax)
*Additional Charges Apply

Initial Consultation plus one follow-up session* (60-Min each):

*Note - this is a separate session and not included the packages below.

Single 60-Min Session:


Single 90-Min Session:


3-Sessions (60-Min Each) - Save 10%


3-Sessions (90-Min Each) - Save 10%


5-Sessions (60-min Each) - Save 15%


5-Sessions (90-Min Each) - save 15%


10-Sessions (60-Min Each) - save 20%


10-Sessions (90-Min Each) - save 20%


Online Sessions Available

(Requires Facetime, Skype, or Facebook)

30-min individual online session


60-min individual online session


EFT Sessions Available

60-min individual session


How It Works